January 27, 2012

Polish those (arms) guns

Hey hey hey! I added a fancy new workouts page to the blog so it's easier to find all the salty-sweat-inducing workouts I've posted so far. It's pretty sparse right now but don't you worry, I'll fill that mother up!

Since I get my lifting in with Demi, I don't really lift on my own. However, I realize not everyone has a personal trainer so I wanted to share a great arm workout that I found on Life of Blyss. It's called the strapless dress arm workout and, even though most of our arms are covered in sweaters and hoodies at the moment, it wouldn't hurt to get those guns nice and polished before spring rolls around.

The Strapless Dress Arm Workout

Theme: high reps, low weights
60 second plank
15 one-armed rows
15 chest press
15 seated shoulder press
15 flys (laying on back)
15 reverse flys laying on exercise ball
15 lateral raises
15 chest press (laying on back on ball)
15 tricep dips on bench
15 alternating bicep curls
15 lying row and rotation on exercise ball
15 chest press (laying on back on ball)
15 reverse flys sitting on exercise ball
15 laying tricep extensions
60 second plank


My newest obsession is the website STFU, Parents. It is hysterical and right on the money. Basically, the blogger, B, re-posts and commentates on random people's status updates about their kids. Some of the stuff people post is unreal. I'm glad this lady mocks these nutty parents for being so absurd. Reading her blog got me thinking of some other things I would like to STFU on Facebook. I admit, I am an offender of some of these but I'm really talking about those people that post the same stuff over and over, mostly for attention. Let's be honest, people post some wacky stuff on Facebook and sometimes you just want to say "STFU already!" At the risk of losing some Facebook friends, may I present my list of STFU's:

STFU dieters (" Starting my diet today!" "Sooo hungry! All I want is a cheeseburger but I guess I'll settle for a salad." I don't care what you do and do not eat.)

STFU searching for compliments ("Some guy just asked for my number in line at McDonald's. Awkward!" Wow, you're awesome.)

STFU office professionals ("omg another meeting?!?!" Yes, if you work in an office, chances are, you are going to be in meetings. I don't feel sorry for you.)

STFU about working out. ("Going to the gym!" "Yoga for the third time!" I don't need to know when you're working out. If you want to tell the world about it so badly, start a blog.)

STFU singles (Listen, I'm probably the most single person on the planet, and I have, from time to time, posted something about being single on Facebook (i.e. "all the hot ones are gay") but if every status update is about being single and/or finding the right one and/or losing the right one, it's no wonder you're single.)

STFU marrieds ("I miss my baby" "I love my baby" "date night with the boy." The bitter singles don't want to hear about how in love you are. It will make them post about being single and, well, you already know how I feel about that.)

STFU sicklies ("wah I don't feel good." "wah, sinuses." "wah, my head hurts." If you're so sick, get off Facebook and take a freaking nap.)

Again, I recognize I have been in almost all of these categories at one point during my 8 years on Facebook, but I don't post this crap back to back, every day. Hopefully I didn't offend too many people and offenders can take the joke, but if not, sorry I'm not sorry.

Mrs. Doubtfire says STFU


  1. I love the workout! I have to admit, I have no idea how to do the "lying row and rotation". Help!

    1. haha no worries! This may help...