July 25, 2013

Biggest Loser Challenge Complete!

So, I haven't posted in awhile because the website was messed up and wouldn't let me type! WTF!
Anyway, The Biggest Loser Challenge officially ended for the franchise yesterday. Christi is going to take our final measurements and weight next week for our local club. I ended up losing a total of 9 pounds in (technically) 7 weeks. I am definitely happy with those results! I didn't lose much after my first initial weigh-in at the end of week 2 when I lost 8.2 pounds but I knew that would happen due to my change in diet and added workouts. Once my body got used to the new routine, I didn't see as much of a weight-loss change. I honestly am OK with that. I am more concerned about how I look and feel in my clothes than what the number on the scale reads. I'm more excited/anxious to see my measurement results! I feel like I've lost quite a few inches, especially in my stomach and bust (which kinda sucks but I feel some muscles under there!) and I am feeling faster and stronger with every workout.

I am still obsessed with Turbokick and Insanity, which is insane (get it?!) since I was especially terrified to try it and now I cannot get enough. I'm also running less and have adjusted well to working out after work instead of every morning like I used to. I still run about 1-3 mornings a week but since I know a tough, sweaty, ass-kicking workout is awaiting me after work, I don't stress about HAVING to run as much as I used to.

My weekends still need improvement. I think I psych myself out because I work so hard and am so disciplined throughout the week, I kind of lose my mind (literally) on the weekends and will eat a ton because I feel like I "earned" it. Clearly, I'm still working on balance but I feel like I'm in a much better place than I was when I started the whole Biggest Loser Challenge.

Since I plan on continuing Shakeology, I've joined another challenge that Christi starts on August 5. It's all about paleo. Yes folks, I'm going to continue with the paleo diet/life-style. I have really enjoyed how satisfied and full I feel. I do not feel deprived at all and I truly have more energy. After the weekends when I eat less clean, I feel so sluggish and heavy. Once I start back eating clean, I feel so much better and can really tell a difference in my workouts and runs. I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

So there ya have it. I know that if I was a little more disciplined, I would have been able to lose more weight over the course of the 7-8 week challenge. But I think I've made huge strides toward getting back to eating clean, healthy foods and trying new, exciting workouts. I've definitely lost inches and I feel better overall about my appearance and endurance which is the whole point, in my opinion!