November 3, 2011

Treadmill workout


The worst thing that could possibly happen on a treadmill happened to me last night. No, I did not fly off the back of the machine. My iPod died 20 minutes into my workout. NOOOOOOO is what my brain screamed. I can handle an outside run sans iPod (I ran all three of my half marathons without any music) but I didn't think I could ever run on a treadmill without music. I cannot think of anything more boring. I was doing a sprint workout and the music helps me keep my pace. Without it, I thought I was done for. Luckily though, it wasn’t bad! My sprint workout actually kept me focused on something other than the miles I had ran or the amount of time I’d been running, so it actually wasn't as horrible as I was anticipating. However, I will make sure from now on my iPod is charged before heading to the gym because I have some pretty sweet tunes.
I kind of created this sprint workout while training for my first half marathon last winter. My runs during the week would only be 4-5 miles and to keep it interesting, I developed a four mile-ish sprint workout so I wouldn't get so bored running 4 miles twice a week for 5 months. It looks like this:
  • mile one: 10 minute pace (6.0)
  • mile two: 8:30 minute pace (7.0)
  • set incline to 2 and jog at 5.0 pace for three minutes, sprint at 8.0 for one minute, jog for three at 5.0, sprint for one at 8.0, etc until you reach 4 miles.
I like to end on a sprint so mine end up being around 4.25 miles. However, it's really up to your personal preference on speed, incline, miles, etc. It's a great way to get your heart rate going and challenge yourself. The first time I did it, I totally forgot I had the incline on, so I was super proud of myself for doing it with that incline the whole time (once I realized my happy accident.) Since I'm in better shape now, I want to try new sprint/interval workouts that are fun and a little more of a challenge so I'll post them once I try them.
I go to That Gym for personal training but since it's not an open gym, I also belong to Premier at Sawmill. I've been going to Premier since the beginning of time. Seriously. My dad taught me how to swim in its pools (back in the day, it was called Sawmill Athletic Club.) I left last night noticing a LOT of hot guys. Now, I know every gym has some eye candy but it was like everywhere I turned, a hot guy caught my eye. Not to mention, all the women at Premier are hot too! It's a pretty intimidating gym, and it reminded me why I was so embarrassed to work out there before: I felt really self-conscious. I know no one even notices who I am and what I'm doing, but it really made working out depressing. Now that I have some confidence back, I’m glad to be back at Premier sprinting and soaking up all the hotness J


  1. My BFF met her husband at Sawmill. :) Treadmill workouts SUCK but are a necessary evil hear around here! Keep up the rock star workouts girl!

  2. When I worked there we signed a deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets and The Columbus Crew, all of their players and even some of their staff has a free membership. Don't be surprised if you see them in there, and yes almost all of them are extremely good looking! When do you go to Premier to workout? We still belong but haven't gone since Payson. Now we are thinking about getting back into the gym. Hopefully we will see you there!

  3. Really?! Maybe I should go more often and pick me up a hubby :) Kath, I'll go anywhere between 4-6pm on Mondays and then Wednesday or Thursday, depending on my schedule. Hopefully I'll see you and/or Megan and/or the Payce-man there soon!