November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend round-up

Oh man, do I have a blog update for you! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA; my Internet isn’t working at home (still, ugh) so I couldn’t write any updates while on Thanksgiving break. Fear not, though, because I’ll recap it riiight now!

Wednesday night, Tiffany, her two boys and I went to see The Muppets Movie and it was awesome! It was super funny and definitely very nostalgic. I’ve decided my favorite muppet is Fozzie Bear (waka, waka!) It was an early-ish night for me since I had my heart set on winning a pie the next morning!

I started Thanksgiving Day off with the UA Turkey Trot. My goal was to win a pumpkin pie; they have 2,000 pies to give out: 1,000 for the first women finishers and 1,000 for the first men finishers. I ran the 5 mile race in 47 minutes, averaging a 9:28-minute mile, and when I crossed the finish line they shuttled me in to the women’s line to get my red ticket for my pie. Awesome, right? Wrong. They ran out of red tickets 10 people in front of me. I was 10 people from a free pie! I’m not going to lie, some tears came to my eyes because I was so bummed I didn’t reach my goal! It took me about a half hour to get over my disappointment and feel proud of myself for finishing under 50 minutes. By the time I went to Jamie’s for Thanksgiving dinner, I was over my pie failure. The night ended with lots of yummy food and a piece of chocolate chip pecan pie. My mouth is watering remembering it.

At least I got a medal...
Friday was a pretty lazy day. Tiff and I had plans to get pedicures but they were too busy so we ended up getting Jeni’s ice cream instead. Fair trade. I live about 10 steps from Jeni’s but I never go. If you haven’t been to Jeni’s yet for the winter season, she has some pretty amazing holiday flavors. I had a half scoop of my favorite pistachio & honey with a half scoop of the seasonal dark forest. I kind of want to buy a pint of her dark chocolate peppermint ice cream, but that of course means I’ll have to eat a pint of her dark chocolate peppermint ice cream…

Saturday was spent watching Ohio State lose to Michigan for the first time in 7 years. And that’s all I have to say about that.

yeah, we're over it

Sunday was the best day because, I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but it was Ella’s 1st birthday! She was sooo cute as usual; she loved all of her new toys and played with each one! I loved watching her figure out how each toy worked and discovering all her new things. I personally kind of overdid it with presents but that’s what aunts are for, right? Heh :) We tried having her eat her cake with her hands but she kept looking up, waiting for someone to feed it to her. She ate one bite with her hand and kept squishing the frosting on her fingers together. She makes me laugh.
Birthday girl with her brother Evan (left) and her cousin Thomas (too cool)
The best decision I ever made was taking yesterday off of work. It was nice sleeping in one last time before getting back to the daily grind and getting errands done instead of over the weekend. To end the long weekend on a yummy note, I made a flippin’ fantastic balsamic chicken recipe in the crockpot that I’ll share tomorrow. I think this post is long enough today J

Happy start-of-holiday season everyone!

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