November 22, 2011

8-minute mile!

Guess what?! I can officially run an 8-minute mile! Granted, I can only run one and when I did it for the first time yesterday, I got light-headed but I did it again today and felt better, so now I'm officially announcing that I can run an 8-minute mile. Demi has me run at least a mile almost every workout and when she doesn't have me at an incline, I've been running it in about 8:30-8:35. Welp, we (and by we, I mean she) decided to up the ante yesterday and told me to run at a speed of 7.5 on the treadmill, which apparently equals an 8-minute mile. I'm glad I've finally pushed myself, or have been pushed, to run faster. It's so easy to do what you've always done but that won't make you any better. That's why I personally need a trainer beacuse I wouldn't push myself past my comfort zone. I feel so accomplished too! Now, I realize I probably can't keep that pace for longer than a mile, but I'm so glad I'm able to do at least one mile. Baby steps :)

Yesterday, I spent some time looking for a medal display for all of my race medals. Right now, they are lamely hanging on my mirror and I'd like to have them proudly displayed for all the world to see. I first saw one on a blog and I googled to see where I can get one and after much research, the best place is a website called Allied Medal Displays. They have different designs based on the medals you've earned or you can make a custom display. My favorite design is the cityscape; I wish they had one with the City of Columbus skyline since all my races so far have been here but alas, no love for the 'bus.

I kind of like this one for the attitude but I would feel too cheesy actually hanging it in my house. Plus, I could buy new shoes with the money I would spend on it!:


While researching, I came across another runner's blog (from Cincinnati, whatup Ohio!) who made her own display using a curtain rod from Wal-mart. That would work for short-term, if I'm looking to display my medals today, but I'd eventually like to get a legit display. I mean, the medals are pretty much the only reason I keep doing races. Gotta show off my babies!

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  1. I use tie racks from the Container store for my medals. :) Congrats on the 8 minute mile!! That's crazy fast girlie! So proud of you!