November 16, 2011


Today is a "thinking out loud" type of post. If you're wondering what it's like to be inside my brain, today's your lucky day!
The holidays are coming up quickly. And you know what that means...booze, food, and sweatpants. Well, maybe that's just what it means to me. But I've been preparing myself for the next month and a half because I love the holidays and all they entail. I almost never eat the foods that are around during the holidays so I don't want to tell myself not to eat something. I've been reminding myself to keep my portions in check and also to exercise. I'm feeling good about this holiday season because I finally have my endurance back so I can go on a run and not want to kill myself after 2 miles, like I did last year at this time. I enjoy going out for drinks with friends, or eating mashed potatoes for three days, or drinking peppermint mochas from Starbucks...but I also enjoy running and the great feeling of a tough workout. I just need to remember the latter while I'm doing the former, ya know what I'm sayin?

This week (and next) are perfect examples of how the holidays are already in full effect. I'm pretty set in my routine during the week. I don't usually go out, mostly because I get up so early, but this week and next are full of activites. Last night I went to a CBJ game. Tonight, I'm going to happy hour with some friends. Tomorrow, I'm going to the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn (!!). Next week is Thanksgiving, I have some time off work, and I'll be eating Tiff's amazing food. And I'm excited for all of these things. As you know by now, I'm a social butterfly. But I also know if I over-indulge in the next two weeks, I will feel horrible about myself and get discouraged come December. When it all starts over again for Christmas. So, even though my mouth is salivating for 3 helpings of mashed potatoes next week, my mind needs to take control and remind myself that I still have goals to accomplish. This is where I have struggled in the past, so I'm kind of both nervous and excited for this holiday challenge to see if I can put in to practice all the healthy tips I've picked up during the year. I think it really helps that I'm doing the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning so I can get some exercise before those mashed taters! Having a fitness goal mixed in with the fun of the holidays really works for me. I'm hoping to find some sort of race or challenge for Christmas so I can justify eating a few more cookies...heh
If anyone has any tips, please send them my way! I'd love to hear how others deal with the holiday madness.

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  1. I've set a goal to lose 8 pounds by January 12 (a group of us at work are doing it together) and I"m nervous about the holidays. My goal is to still eat all of my favorite holiday foods but only take about 1/2 of what I consumed last year. I'll let you know how that goes during my TWO Thanksgiving meals next week. I'm seeing Breaking Dawn on Saturday afternoon....SO EXCITED!