November 18, 2011

Totally 90's

I think I was a kid's party planner in my past life because I love themed parties and dressing up silly for no particular reason. The problem is that no one else wants to partake in my awesome party ideas. Lame. I've been wanting to do a 90's party for awhile now and keep thinking of excellent ideas for what to wear. I thought I would share some of my favorite 90's gear...just in case anyone wants to come to my one-person 90's party...

acid wash jeans...and fringe jean jackets

Birkenstock's (with tie-dyed socks)

hair scrunchies

stirrup pants: the original leggings
anything ever worn on Saved By The Bell
Doc Martens

Tommy Hilfiger, overalls, Destiny's Child
......and everything about this guy
What are your favorite style trends from the 90's?

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