April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

As you can imagine, this Easter weekend was filled with food, family, and fun! I had a half-day Friday and spent some time over at Jamie and Tiff's house hanging with the babe. She was wearing her newest OU hoodie!

That girl has taste :)

Saturday evening, I went back over to Jamie's to dye eggs with Tiffany. Instead of using the Paas kits, we used food coloring mixed with boiling water and vinegar. Tiff couldn't get over how easy it was using food coloring instead of the Paas little tablets. I didn't snap a pic (I was too busy eating said eggs) but they were very bright and springy, just how I like them!

While we were doing the eggs, Ella fell down outside and her dad came to the rescue. I couldn't help but snap this candid picture of them. I still can't get over the fact that my big brother is a dad!

Young $
Sunday, the main event, was spent at Jamie's (yes, again) for most of the afternoon. We had ham, cheesy potatoes, pretzel bread with cheese, and, of course, candy! Unfortunately, my dad hasn't been feeling well for about a week and ended up going to the ER because he felt pneumonia coming on. I hate when he feels sick, it makes me nervous for him, but he's so used to it by now, it's not a big deal to him. It's still a big deal to me though! He's currently in the hospital getting better so hopefully he'll be home where he belongs by tomorrow!

Finally, I managed to get my taxes done yesterday. With 6 days to spare......heh

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends as much as I did! As I've mentioned before, holidays used to suck for me so I always feel very grateful that now my family is able to get together and enjoy each other's company.

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