April 26, 2012

Recipes and The Fresh Prince

I've been a busy bee in the kitchen lately. I love making light meals that I can eat a good portion of without feeling too guilty (hence, my latest obsession with baked sweet potato fries.) I made this zesty lime shrimp and avocado salad a few days ago and polished off the last of it yesterday. I am a HUGE fan of this salad and can see it making a regular occurrence in my life come summertime.

I'm not so great with the picture-taking of my own...lo siento.

The weather was quite craptastic last night and when it's cold and rainy like that, I tend to stuff my face. However, I kept it (somewhat) healthy and attempted my own Chipotle corn salsa. I friggin' love this stuff but it's much cheaper to make than to buy. I ate about half of the bowl (my bad) with my love, Tostitos hint of jalapeno chips, and I can't wait to finish it off tonight. I can't tell if it's exactly like Chipotle's but it definitely hit the spot nonetheless. I'd like to do a taste-test against the real stuff some time. Who's in!??!

During this morning's workout, my ears were flooded with THIS little diddy:

Yeah, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme-song is an actual song. A greatest hit even. I was/am obsessed with that show; it makes me laugh every. single. time. Yet another reason why my Childish Gambino Pandora station is my absolute favorite. I've listened to this station during every workout for the past two months and it gets better and better each time. I highly suggest it if you like upbeat music for your workouts.

The 10th anniversary of my dad's liver transplant is coming up this weekend. I can't believe it's been 10 years already. I still remember the day he told me he needed a transplant and then, a few months later, the message from the high school office that he was on his way via private transplant jet (that's a real thing) to Nebraska for surgery. More on that to come...

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