April 11, 2012

Recent food faves

If you follow me on Pinterest (and if you don't, you should start),you may have noticed that I've developed a slight obsession with quinoa. There are so many ways to eat it, I want to try every single recipe I see! So far I've only eaten it for breakfast, mostly because I don't have many breakfast options right now but also because I only have enough quinoa for 3 servings. I need to stock up on this stuff pronto!

I would compare it to rice, so I know it sounds weird to eat it for breakfast, but I've just been putting almond milk over cold quinoa adding a sliced banana and raisins. It fills me up more than oatmeal and I really enjoy the sweetness of the fruit with the grainy texture of the quinoa.

I've also been eating sweet potato fries like it's my job. So easy, so yummy, so satisfying. I could eat real french fries every day but these little babies do the trick just fine.

Plus, like a sign from the heavens, I received my weekly active.com e-newsletter and the second article was "what to eat for peak marathon performance." I shiz you not, I was just thinking this morning while showering that I will need to research different foods if I'm going to be training/completing a full because I'm not used to eating or drinking anything other than water during long runs. Talk about perfect timing!

Alright, I guess I should do some work...that money isn't going to raise itself. Have a great hump day!

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