April 5, 2012

Drink more wine

I was a busy little bee in the kitchen last night! I made that avocado egg salad and it is mighty tasty. My friend Amber wanted a review of the recipe and I give it 2 thumbs up! I ate 1/2 cup for lunch today with some shrimp but I wish I would've brought another serving. Mine didn't look that appetizing so I thought I would spare your eyeballs from pictures.

The no-bake energy bites granola made a comeback in my fridge too! I could seriously eat that stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I had to work early this morning so my workout was pushed to tonight. At this moment, I really do not feel like doing any physical activity at all, so I'm hoping I can find some motivation between now and 6pm. Fingers crossed...

Annnddd to continue with this week's theme...

A picture of my favorite girl for your viewing pleasure!

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