April 24, 2012

Intervals are back

Yesterday was one of those days. You know...the ones that start off on the wrong foot and progress into a series of annoying happenings. Before I get in to that, let me back up to Saturday's event: Katie's Columbus bridal shower!

I didn't get many pictures on my phone because I was busy playing hostess but the shower went great! I think everyone enjoyed themselves and Katie seemed to like it, so I couldn't ask for more. My biggest thing about the party was having a dessert bar serve as the party favors. Tiff was such a huge help for this, helping me bake Friday night, and we made some mighty tasty treats that I'm still dreaming of.

We had buckeyes, chocolate chip cookies, (the most incredible) brownies, and cupcakes. Everything was homemade and so so delicious, but the brownies stole the show personally.

I parked my car for the night at 5pm Sunday and when I came out to go to work at 8:30am yesterday morning, I saw this:

Grrrrrrr. I'm assigned a parking spot in a carport; however my carport is currently falling down because someone backed in to it over Easter weekend.

I park horizontally in front of the two carports because parking around me is horrendous. Well..since I park all funky, it looks like someone backed in to my car (or took a baseball bat to my mirror) and now I'm mirror-less. Balls.

There were many other obnoxious things that happened yesterday but I'd rather just skip to the only bright spot:

I haven't been doing intervals as much as I've been trying to run for distance rather than time lately. The wind was out of control last night and instead of aggrivating myself further by trying to run outdoors, I decided to try out a new interval workout. I'm so glad I did. Instead of walking at 4.5, I jogged at 5.0 for the recovery intervals. I was nervous to sprint because of my recent knee problems, but since my new shoes seem to have fixed that issue, I figured I may be up to sprinting again. And up for it I was! This went by in a flash and I felt great when I was done.

I tried a new-to-me Pinterest recipe last night as well that I'll share tomorrow. It's a good one! Here's hoping today goes faster than yesterday did.

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