April 3, 2012

Video of Ella

Happy hump day! Who else is pumped it's already Wednesday?

So this happened at 7:40am this morning:

I cut my workout short this morning because my knee was bothering me. I planned on going home and doing some arms and abs so I left the gym about 10 minutes earlier than usual. As I'm walking towards my apartment, I see 6 police officers coming from the building next to mine. Each have on bullet-proof vests and are carrying those large pad things (I don't know what they're called but they are basically to push people out of the way if necessary.) Naturally, I was totally freaked out. Luckily, my friend Brittny lives in that building so I texted her to see what the crap is up. She called me saying she heard someone pounding on the back door of her next door neighbor. She opened up and it was a freaking U.S Marshall. I mean...what?! He asked her who lived next door, showed her a picture and asked if that person lived next to her and what her neighbors look like...the picture wasn't her neighbor but who knows who may be hiding in there! I told her it reminded me of a scene from Dog The Bounty Hunter. She's on spring break this week so I told her to call me if they come back. So much drama in the G-view!

As I mentioned yesterday, I got to spend some time with Ella last night and she was cracking me up, per usual. Instead of taking a gazillion pictures... (let's be honest, I did that too)

...I thought I'd share a video too!


So I suggest you bookmark this page and whenever you're having a bad day, take a peak here and your frown will turn upside down.

What? You mean my niece isn't the center of your universe? Well, if Ella doesn't do it for ya, take a look at this. It will FOR SURE put a smile on your face.

Stay happy, people!

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