October 30, 2011

Football and hard-boiled eggs

I bet you never thought you'd see those two words together...but they basically describe the rest of my weekend.

On Saturday, I went with Katie and her fiance Steve to his family's tailgate for the Ohio State/Wisconsin game. OSU wasn't supposed to win this game but we DID! It was definitely a nail biter at the end but we pulled off a W in the end! Katie and I took this picture as the game was ending:

Sunday was spent watching Tiff's son play his last little league football game of the season and eating her delicious chili. When I got home, I realized I only have 2 hard boiled eggs left for tomorrow's breakfast. Luckily, I have a whole carton of eggs waiting to be boiled so I got down to business. I hate making hard-boiled eggs but I love eating them. If I'm not eating oatmeal for breakfast, then I'm probably eating eggs. I'll eat at least 4 at a time, which means I need to boil a whole lotta eggs pretty much weekly. I haven't perfected the egg boiling process, but each batch seems to be better than the last. I've noticed that the colder the water, the easier the shell separates from the whites inside. The worst is when the egg white comes off with the shell. Since I don't eat the yolks, the white is all I have and I don't want to waste any of it.

How to make hard-boiled eggs
Heat raw eggs in large saucepan filled with cold water. Bring the water to a rolling boil for 30 seconds (timing is crucial so use a stopwatch if possible.) Remove the pot from the heat and cover for 20-30 minutes. Transfer eggs from the pot to a large bowl of ice water. Make sure all the eggs are fully immersed in the ice water. I usually keep them in the ice water for 10-15 minutes (if I don't forget altogether that they are in there.) Put eggs back in carton and store in refrigerator. Hard-boiled eggs last about 10-15 days in the fridge.

Now, I'm off to finish watching Bridesmaids on DVD in my holiday jammies!

next up: Christmas (after Thanksgiving)

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