October 3, 2011

My Two Children

Whhaaattt? Now that I have your attention...

I finally went to my first Ohio State football game of the season this weekend! I've had something going on every home game so far so this was my first weekend free to watch the Buckeyes get pummeled by Michigan State at the 'shoe.

Smiling on the outside, crying on the inside

Most people who know me, know my love for the Buckeyes, and a lot of people ask me why I went to Ohio University instead of The Ohio State University. There are a few reasons. I've been a Buckeye since birth, thanks to my dad, and I have so much respect for the tradition of the college. However, I always knew I wanted to leave Columbus for college because I've lived literally 5 minutes from OSU my whole life. I wanted to experience something else and meet people outside of my "bubble." I applied to three schools: OSU, Miami (of Ohio) and OU. I never visited Miami until after I was already in college, and the one time I visited OU was the fall of my senior year of high school with my bff Katie (who went on to be my roommate all four years) and her dad. I instantly fell in love with the campus. I loved the culture, the atmosphere, and the hustle and bustle of students going to and from class. I got in to all three schools and my dad said, "you're going to OSU, don't worry about those other schools." Seeing as how I am my own person and I have a mind of my own thank you very much, I decided on OU because I felt like it would be a perfect fit. Now, my dad knows I made the right decision for myself and is proud to tell people I'm a Bobcat.

Another reason I chose OU over OSU is OU's smaller campus. It reminds me of OSU but on a smaller scale. You can walk anywhere on OU's campus in 10 minutes. For example, this weekend I walked from the OSU track (tailgating spot) to Ohio Stadium. It took me 30 minutes to make the trip. As I walking in the rain and cold, I was thinking, "Now, if I were at OU walking from the track to the football stadium, I would be there in 10 minutes." It was so nice to be able to walk to class without having to worry about parking. It was also nice to be able to walk to and from the bars, which meant no cab fare and no drunk tank! People who went to the drunk tank at OU went for different reasons, but almost never for drunk driving.
Lastly, OU was far enough from home that I couldn't come home every time I felt like it but I could still come home if I needed to. If I went to OSU, I don't think I would've branched out as much from my UA friends (which is technically a moo point because all of my UA friends went to OU...hah) and I feel like I would've used my living 5 minutes from home as a crutch. There were some times freshman year that I thought about moving back home but I powered through, got involved in some clubs, and made friends that I would've never met had I lived at home/OSU. Now, here I am, crying myself to sleep every night because I wish I could be back at OU forever.

UA/OU homies

I do love Ohio State and really wish I was connected to OU sports the way I am to OSU. But I have a different kind of pride for my alma mater than for Ohio State. I imagine it's like how parents say they love all their children equally but differently. Everyone I talk to who went to OU has the best stories to tell, and I always talk to OU grads for hours about the bars, the food, the campus, the townies, the fests, Tony's Hot Nuts...everyone has a different memory about the same places.

So, why did I choose OU over Ohio State? OSU has a lot to offer, and people stick around Columbus long after they graduate, but nobody does college like OU does college.

Finally, I will leave you with a video about OU's football team losing their minds over their new black jerseys. It must have had an affect because OU is currently 4-1 this season! OU, Oh yeah!

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