October 29, 2011


Happy Halloween weekend! Last night I went to a Halloween party and dressed up as a Rockford Peach from A League of Their Own. The costume was a hit! Everyone complimented me and Steph. We also got a lot of "there's no crying in baseball!"

I ordered this costume from amazon.com. It was pretty short so I wore shorts underneath. I am not, and never was, one of those girls that wears reallllly skimpy costumes for Halloween. Case and point: one year I was Scooby Doo. I just don't feel comfortable with all my goodies hanging out for the world to see. Plus, it's like 30 degrees at the end of October in Ohio; I'd rather be warm and funny than cold and sexy. Priorities.
nice and warm

Anyway, I ordered my "uniform" online so I didn't get a chance to try it on. There are only two sizes: small/medium or large/extra large. Since I usually wear a large, I bought the bigger option. When the package came in the mail, the front of it said "plus size," not large/extra large. I kind of laughed to myself because I put it on and it is definitely not plus-sized (in my opinion.) I also think it's hilarious that a large costume is considered plus size. I wasn't offended or anything; I just thought it was pretty ridiculous. But, such is the world of adult women's costumes!

I always think of 100 ideas for Halloween every year and I always change my mind 57 times after I buy one. I wish I was one of those crafty people that could put together a really great costume with glitter and feathers but I usually just buy one from a store. My favorite idea this year, one that I could never pull off, is Julia Roberts' hooker outfit in Pretty Woman. That, or Hannah Montana. Both classic characters :) I could even use the same wig!

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  1. I went as a fish tank one year down in Athens...I was wearing jeans and a winter coat under a giant box....no goodies were shown that night! LOVE the Peach uniform costume!!