October 17, 2011

candy hoarder

Hello, my name is Laine and I am a candy hoarder.

I have developed a weird habit and I'm not sure where it came from. Every time I go to Target or CVS, I have the urge to buy a bag of candy. I don't necessarily eat it, I just like having it around. I'll put it in my purse, then take it out at work, then put it back in my purse at the end of the day; it's like I always have to have candy on me just in case I am ravenous and cannot wait one more second to eat a piece of chocolate. However, I honestly hardly ever eat the stuff. I'll usually give up carrying it around and put it out at my house or at work, but that's after I have carried it around for awhile. I'll occasionally eat some, and the bag of candy corn I have in my purse right now is almost gone because I have slowing been doing work on it, but I've had the candy corn for like a month now. And I just bought another bag the other day. It's weird, right? Who carries candy around and doesn't eat it? I feel like if I don't have it on me, I'll crave it and be like, "I wish I had some candy corn right now." But when I do have it around, I don't eat it all at once, or even remember I have it half the time. It's a good thing I don't eat it all the time, but it's not good that I'm buying all this candy all the time! Wish it was carrot sticks I was hoarding!


Steph and I carved pumpkins yesterday afternoon. I had a pattern picked out to make a really sweet design of a bat flying in front of a moon with a spooky cloud looming in the background. After tracing the pattern for about 5 seconds, I got bored and ended up with this:

Steph powered through using a different pattern (because she's more patient than yours truly) and this is her pumpkin:

She wins.

Finally, I leave you with a preview of Ella's first Halloween costume. Can you guess what she's going to be? Hint: I could just eat her up!


  1. I might just show up at your office one day and demand some candy corn. I love me some candy...it's why I workout. :) You and I have the cutest nieces EVER!

  2. That's why I love going to your house, there is always a bowl of candy on your mantel!

  3. Ahhh she's a cupcake right?!? So stinkin cute!! :D -h.bones