April 10, 2012

Full marathon attempt numero dos

Last night's run:

I'm telling you people, get the Nike+ GPS app. It has changed my life.

So remember how I registered for the Columbus full marathon last year and ended up dropping down and completing the half instead? Well....I feel like I want to try to accomplish my full marathon goal this fall. I haven't committed 100% yet but it is something I really want to do and I feel like I need to do it now, before I lose my motivation and excitement.

yay running!
As I documented on this blog, I ran 3 half marathons last year over a span of 5 months. I loved every minute of it (well...not every single minute but the end result was totally worth it.) I signed up for the full marathon last year right after my first half last May when I was all hopped up on post-race endorphins. By the way, the endorphins after a long race like that last 2-3 days...at least for me they do. Anyway, I was all pumped to go run 26.2 miles but then, well, you know, like, life got in the way. Summer is usually my favorite time because there are always lots of activities going on including but not limited to: fourth of July (which lasts about a week around here), happy hour, cookouts, camping, vacation, etc...so training wasn't exactly on the top of my list last year. I was a little bit burned out by September and didn't want to go above and beyond.

Journey concert > training
That being said, I've trained/completed zeroes races so far this year and I'm itching to race. I feel like I'll be more serious about devoting time to training this summer because I'm not "over it" like I was last year. If I'm going to do a full, I will absolutely need the support of TNT, which is another reason I'm not jumping in to this full speed ahead yet because I want to make sure I am completely and totally dedicated to training and raising funds. It's been awhile since I've asked people for money, so I'm hoping the time off means people are willing to donate to my efforts again. I don't necessarily need to sign up for TNT/Columbus Full until August but I'll probably make a decision soon after Katie's wedding is wrapped up. I just wanted to put my intentions out in to the universe. The first step is letting people know...right?

Thanks for listening to reading my rambling pro/con list of sorts. I'll for sure post when I make a decision!

P.S. Don't forget: GLEE is BACK tonight!!


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