February 2, 2012

No bake energy bites

OK, so I totally ran on the treadmill last night. I feel like I'm committing a running crime when I run indoors on days as gorgeous as yesterday, in February no less. However, I just can't get enough of these treadmill intervals. I feel like I accomplish so much more from my workout when I'm doing them. I did my altered version of this workout and it was grrrreat.

I'm back in kitchen guys! Pinterest made me do it. I made these no-bake energy bites. The ingredients are supposed to be mixed together and sit in the fridge for an hour before being rolled in to balls. Well...I left it in the fridge overnight and tried to roll the balls Wednesday morning but they were hella crumbly. I rolled maybe 6 balls before I said screw it and just put it all in the fridge. It's still clumpy so I can still get a big bite at a time and it's kind of like granola now so I can put it in my yogurt or oatmeal, which will be really tasty. It's very delicious...just not very pretty. I used crunchy peanut butter, which I didn't even realize I bought until I opened the jar. I think creamy might make it stick together better.

ball form

non-ball form

What's better than Multi-grain Cheerios you ask?

Heaven in cereal form

Peanut Butter Multi-grain Cheerios! I've been seeing them on like every blog I read and snatched some up for myself immediately. Talk about a party in my mouth! Alyssa at Life of Blyss posted about what to look for in healthy cereals and unfortunately these babies don't pass the test, but I won't tell if you don't.

I can't wait to make peanut butter cereal bites with these! A weekend project, perhaps?

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