February 15, 2012

New snack

Remember how my no-bake energy bites turned in to granola because it wasn't forming in to balls? Well, I made another batch this weekend and realized that I left out a very key ball-forming ingredient: 1/3c honey. Derr. The second batch included honey and yes, it was much easier making balls. However, I still like it as granola and basically have been eating it as such anyway.

I bring that up because I have a brand new snack that I just cannot get enough of right now. I'm mixing about a 1/2 cup of plain Chobani Greek yogurt with 2 energy bites (or the equivalent of the granola) and 1/4 cup peanut butter multi-grain Cheerios for my afternoon treat. Lemme tell ya, it is freaking amazing. I generally hate the taste of plain Greek yogurt but I've been finding new ways to eat it. One reason is because it comes in a bigger container and I can get more bang for my buck going that route instead of buying (literally) 10 flavored Cho's at a time. Secondly, I'm cooking more with the plain and since it basically takes on the taste of whatever you mix/eat it with, it's super fun (and pretty easy) to come up with new uses.

I also made ranch dressing using about a 1 1/4 cups plain Cho and a packet of dry ranch dressing mix. It tastes just like the real stuff but it's 0% fat! Cha-ching!

I did the "lazy girl" workout tonight (which really needs a new name because it is one of the most challenging treadmill intervals I've done.) I've only done it once and I had to take two 30-second catchyobreath breaks. Since I successfully completed yesterday's workout without any stoppage, I really wanted to do this one without stopping. However, I did have to pop off for one 30-second break and one 10-second break. Hey, at least I didn't fly off the back of the 'mill...which would've hurt both my face and my ego.


Now Imma shower and snooze. Peace out salty friends!

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