February 9, 2012

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You wanna know the most awkward/unattractive thing to look at when you're running? Yourself. The treadmills in my new gym are directly in front of a wall of mirrors (and by directly, I mean the front of the treadmill basically touches the mirror.) It's really uncomfortable. I try to look at my legs because they don't jiggle as much as the rest of me. There are about 4 TVs above the treadmills so I'm going to try to always be on a treadmill near a TV so I have something to look at other than my red, salty face. Ew. Seriously? So gross.

I gave a preview of last night's workout in yesterday's post but I ended up changing it up to look like this:

Time                          Speed
0-5 minutes               4.0
5-8 minutes               6.5
8-9 minutes               7.0
9-10 minutes             4.0
10-13 minutes           7.0
13-14 minutes           8.0
14-15 minutes           4.0
15-18 minutes           7.0  
18-19 minutes           6.5
19-20 minutes           4.0
20-23 minutes           6.5
23-24 minutes           7.0
24-25 minutes           4.0
25-28 minutes           7.0
28-29 minutes           8.0
29-30 minutes           4.0
30-33 minutes           7.0
33-34 minutes           6.5
34-35 minutes           4.0

I ran an additional 5 minutes at 6.5 just because I had the time. I came home and did the abs I shared but skipped the wall sits and jumping jacks. My floors are awfully creaky and I get really self-conscious that my neighbors are going to think I'm doing some freaky stuff in here when I'm really just jumping around (jump, jump, jump around.)

So here's a fun fact: I looked back through my past posts to see which ones have been viewed the most. Below are my top 5 most-viewed posts to date:

5. The New Digs with 95 views (apparently people wanna know where I hang my hat)

4. In a Glass Case of Emotion with 100 views

3. Update on the Dadster with 103 views (he's a very popular guy)

2. New Ink with 165 views

and the number one most-viewed post, with 186 views, is....

You can stand under my umbr-Ella Ella Ella (hey hey hey hey hey hey)

She's my fave too! What a coincidence! :)

Have a great Thursday, ya'll!

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