February 7, 2012

New gym

I was feeling sickly yesterday so I skipped a post. My bad. I'm feeling better today but I just have zero energy. I feel so tired all the time. I don't know what the deal is because I get 8-10 hours of sleep a night so maybe I need to start taking vitamins? I take a multi-vitamin but apparently that's not helping so I guess some experimentation is in order to get more pep in my step!

Friday was my last workout with Demi at That Gym :( I simply can't afford it right now. I'm super bummed; I loved her workouts and I loved the people at That Gym. They made my workouts go by so much faster. But I have to cut back on my expenses and this one, since it's optional unlike, you know, heat, is the first to go. Hopefully I'll be back with her in a few months but right now, I'm on my own.

In order to stay on track, I joined the gym that is literally 5 doors down from my apartment so I can still walk there and get a workout in before work. I went this morning and ran on the treadmill then came home and did about 10 minutes of abs. They don't have a great space for ab work so I'm going to have to use trial and error on that one. I also need to figure out which days I'm going to lift and put a plan in place (how you like dem "p"s.) I still belong to Premier (thanks Daddio) and plan on participating in some of their exercise classes but this new gym is way smaller than Premier and is absolutely no frills. I honestly don't mind it since all I really need are free weights and a treadmill for the mornings. There were a total of 2 other people in the whole place today too which is also the complete opposite of Premier where people illegally hold treadmills for their puffy coated friends. It's nice to have a place so close if I'm bored and just want to walk or do the elliptical without having to drive 20 minutes (uphill each way, in the snow, with no coat...get it? I'm complaining like an elderly person.)

The workout:

30 minute interval workout

30 crunches (first set: high school sit-ups, second set: toe touches, third set: heel touches)
10 push-ups
1 minute plank
Repeat 3 times.

Skipping a beat, I read the blog Life of Blyss on the regular and was startled to read her most recent post from yesterday. Alyssa, the author, is about a year younger than me and she is usually absolutely hilarious; her blog has me laughing out loud. However, yesterday's post was a more serious one where she announced that she has skin cancer. She asked that we share this video which I encourage you to watch in its entirety.
Prayers for Alyssa!

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