February 17, 2012

Peanut pretzel bark

Before I get to the most amazing snack in the history of snacks, I want to re-cap a really speedy interval workout!

Speedy Interval Run

I saw this on Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life a few weeks ago and it intimidated me. I mean, running at a 10.0 pace....twice? Bonkers. But I saw it again in her post yesterday and I figured, what the hell. If it sucks, I can always slow down. I am so glad I attempted it because, not to toot my own horn, but I rocked it. Toot toot mo fos. Although I didn't have any incline on the running portion, I was still able to complete this bad boy with flying colors. Endorphin overload.

Not only was my workout on point today, but I made the most amazing snack ever to pass my lips. It isn't exactly healthy but it is exactly delish. Brittany calls her version salted chocolate pretzel bars but I changed the name to peanut pretzel bark because that describes my version better.

Peanut Pretzel Bark
adapted from Itty Bits of Balance

1 16 oz package chocolate candy coating
2 cups smashed salted pretzels
1 cup dry roasted peanuts (I used lightly salted)
wax paper
sea salt (optional)

Melt chocolate according to package directions. Mix smashed pretzel pieces and peanuts in a large bowl. Mix in melted chocolate until fully coated. Press into a cooking sheet lined with wax paper. Sprinkle sea salt over chocolate mixture (if preferred.) Place cookie sheet in fridge for about an hour. Once the bark is cooled and firm, break into pieces.
chocolate candy coating
peanuts and smashed pretzels (in my heart bowl!)

nom nom nom

I have so many ideas for this bad boy. Dark chocolate, white chocolate mixed with food coloring for a holiday, colored m&m's for a holiday...the possibilities are endless.

Cheers to a fabulous weekend!

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