February 16, 2012

Feeling good

The title basically says it all: I am just feeling really good these days!

Because I haven't posted a pic of Ella lately...
 As you can tell by some of my recent posts, I've been down about my appearance and weight loss over the past few months. I really needed to re-group and remember how good it feels to be healthy. I went a little bonkers with the food over the holidays and let that carry in to January. When I made the decision to stop working out at That Gym, I could've been really upset about it and just stopped working out altogether (which has happened like a gazillion times before) but I decided that being healthy and looking fit were too important to me to stop. I made a plan before I even left Demi's gym so I could continue to work out every morning. I knew that if I stopped for just a few days, I would probably never start again.

I also got my diet back on track. I have been loosely following 4D for the past two weeks but really, I'm just making healthier choices because I like the way it makes me feel. I have more energy and I feel like my workouts are better because I'm not fueled by chips and salsa (every day) but instead protein and veggies. Of course, I do have a goal on the horizon, which never hurts to keep me on track, but I'm just really happy with the progress I've made since the end of January. 2 weeks ain't no small potatoes people!

My campaign at work is also going well right now (fingers crossed, knock on wood) and things seem to be falling in to place professionally. I just want to ride this happiness wave for as far as it will take me because I'm tired of being discouraged! It's super annoying!

On a yummier note, I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow and will be buying supplies to make these bad boys.

I. Cannot. Wait.

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