July 9, 2011

You can stand under my umbrElla Ella Ella...

Seeing as how the list of things that I am obsessed with is long, and that I tend to write about the things that I am obsessed with, I thought I would write today about my niece Ella because, you guessed it, I'm obsessed with her. And she's not even my kid. Which makes me feel sorry for my unborn children because if my love for Ella is any indication, my kids will be smothered by my love and no one will ever be good enough for them. No one.

Father's Day
Anyway, Ella came into this world on November 27, 2010, right after Ohio State beat Michigan at home, even though the win has now been vacated (blap.) For those of you who know my brother, Jamie, you realize how epic it is that his first-born child decided to grace our world with her presence right AFTER OSU dominated Michigan, because she has his genes and wouldn't dare disturb him on a Saturday in the fall during a Buckeye football game. For those of you who don't know my brother, I'll just paraphrase and say he's a pretty big OSU fan (understatement of the century.) He also totally predicted that he would be having a girl as well as predicted she would be born on the OSU/Mich game day because of Tiff's doctor appointments saying that the baby would be about 2 weeks early.

Els was a surprise. Jamie and Tiff were not at all trying to have a child and my brother didn't know the first thing about babies OR girls...so a baby girl was like WAY more than anyone could comprehend. But, I'm a firm believer that "everything happens for a reason," and I know there was a reason little baby Ella was created. She has been the brightest light in our family since, well, me (HAHA totally kidding!) Even my dad has said, "I feel different about her. I don't know what it is, but there's a different kind of love I feel for her." I feel the same way and I know Jamie and Tiff do as well. She makes all of us happy, she's certainly brought our family together more than she will ever know, and her mom Tiffany is such a fantastic person, I know Ella brought Tiff into our family for a reason as well (if only to be my partner in crime.) I've always had so much respect for my brother, genuinely proud to be "Jamie's little sister." He's always been a great role model for me and I've always looked up to him. Now, watching him with Ella almost always brings a tear to my eye. Every time Jamie enters the room, Ella instantly smiles and reaches for him. Fatherhood suits him, which I think surprises him more than anyone else.

Before you start rolling your eyes at me, I am perfectly aware that Ella isn't the Second Coming and wasn't brought here to end wars and create World Peace, but she has definitely brought Dupler Peace to my world and that's all I can ask for. With that said, feel free to check back when she starts her Terrible Two's and, although my love for her will never fade, I may have some other, um, less pleasant words to share...heh

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  1. Our lives have been so much brighter since my brother and his wife brought their kiddos, Ella and George into this world! :) Yeay for baby Ella's to make us smile!!