July 1, 2011

57 sticks of BUTTER

Yesterday I had my trainer weigh and measure me because yesterday marked the end of five months working with her. The last time I was officially weighed/measured was April 26, and although I've only lost 1.2 pounds since then, I've lost 4.5 inches! Since I started with Demi at That Gym On Grandview (see my post about how great she and her partner are here) I've lost a total of 9 inches!! My actual weight hasn't gone down as much as I'd hoped, but Demi did point out that since I've started with her, I've lost a total of 57 sticks of butter, and I like that stat the best! I used to obsess over that number on the scale and it never led to anything good, so I've decided this time around, I'm only going to focus on how I feel physically and how my clothes fit. Demi and I set a goal to lose another 5 pounds by September 1 (my birthday month!) making my total weight loss 10% of where I started. This is a very attainable goal and with my marathon training increasing dramatically between now and September 1, I think I can do it!

I know exactly why I've only lost 1 pound in two months. One word: weekends. Now that the summer is in full swing, it's hard to resist a night out with friends. And why should I? It's part of the reason I work so hard during the week, because I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. And, I must admit, I have some pretty fun friends! However, since I'm an all or nothing personality, there is little to no moderation, which is one of the things I've struggled with my whole life. Moderation is the theme of my summer. I've also developed three guidelines for myself to really focus on. They are designed to be fairly easy changes with a minimal guilt attached so they can eventually become habit.

Disclaimer alert: They are created specifically for me, by me, so I don't suggest or recommend any of these guidelines for anyone else, nor have they been proven to help with weight loss. Although, it was a fun challenge to come up with them and maybe you can come up with your own guidelines!

Guideline 1: Just because the food is there, doesn't mean I have to eat it. This has always been an issue for me, even as a child. If there was food around me, I would eat it whether or not I was hungry. I acted, and still do, like it's the last time I'm ever going to eat, which is completely whack. Especially in social settings, I'll eat a chip here and there until I realize I've been standing at the chip bowl for the past hour and a half. I need to tell myself, "you will be able to eat chips again, you don't have to eat them all right now."

Guideline 2: No late-night eating. This became a habit in college. At OU, almost all the restaurants would be open until at least 3am and of course they're all located right next to the bars, so it was too easy to grab a burrito or some pizza on the walk home. Only, I don't stop at one piece of pizza...I've been known to eat a whole medium pizza, by myself, at 4 in the morning. Although I don't do that as much anymore, I still wake up in the morning mad at myself for eating the night before when I really didn't want or need the food. Step one, don't eat it in the first place. Step two, if I do eat something, eat one of something.

Guideline 3: Don't compare myself to others. This is one of the reasons I got so thin my second year of college. I NEEDED to be the thinnest, the smartest, the best at everything. I would constantly look at other women and think to myself "I need to look like that girl." I've really let go of my need to be perfect and to be the best, and it has really made me such a happier person. Who wants to go through life comparing themselves to other people? It's exhausting.

This weekend will be a great place to start with these guidelines because of all the parties going on for the 4th of July. I'll let you know how it goes...heh

With all that said, I am very happy with yesterday's results. Right now, I think I'm the happiest I've ever been with who I am. I've stopped worrying (so much) about other people and have begun to realize I can only control myself and my actions. My confidence is returning  and that's more important to me than the number on the scale or the number of sticks of butter.

If you have any other tips on how to not let the weekends ruin a whole week's worth of efforts, please send them my way! I'm all ears!

Happy 4th of July everyone! God Bless America!

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