January 23, 2012

Tired Monday

I can't believe it's already Monday again! Ew. Mondays are always worse when you have a really great weekend that you wish could last forever.

I spent the weekend in the Hocking Hills with some friends. It literally rained ice on Friday night so when we woke up on Saturday morning, everything was covered in ice. I'm talkin' thick, cold, icy ice. Of course, we didn't drive anywhere all weekend so scraping the cars Sunday morning was quite the adventure. We didn't do anything but eat and drink while we were there so, needless to say, I'm still recovering.

I took pictures of everyone on Saturday night for the sole purpose of posting to my blog. Thanks for your cooperation friends!

I was home by 12:30pm on Sunday afternoon but the fun didn't stop there: yesterday was Tiff's birthday!! We went out to dinner to her favorite restaurant, Cap City Diner, and then had some delicious birthday cake for dessert. I'm not a huge cake eater, I'd rather have cookies or brownies, but I was really craving cake last night. Her white cake with white icing really hit the spot!

Birthday girl at dinner
Unfortunately, I didn't snap a picture of the cake but I did get this little gem:

Jamie likes to get fruity, "girlie" drinks at restaurants when we're out for special occasions. Last night, he went with the cranberry crush. Muahaha.

I really really really don't feel like working out tonight but I know I need to. It's always harder for me to get back in the exercise saddle after a few days off. Blah. I should run outside but I think I'm going to trek to the gym and box it out for a treadmill. The weather in Columbus is unseasonably warm today. Our weather has been bi-polar this winter: freezing cold for a few days, then warm, rainy and spring-like the next few days. I guess it's supposed to be in the 40's all week so fingers crossed it doesn't suddenly drop 30 degrees and turn all the melting snow in to ice.

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