January 16, 2012

Long weekend

Happy birthday MLK Jr! I am so thankful for this day off! My apartment was a complete pig sty this morning. I knew I would have all day today to clean up so I didn't stress about it last night. Instead, I spent the evening watching the Golden Globes. I just watched to see what everyone was wearing; I didn't even know what/who half the winners were. Ever heard of The Artist? Yeah, me neither but it won like a zillion awards. And apparently everyone who worked on the film is French, so that's cool.

I started today off with the same treadmill workout from Saturday. I didn't really feel like thinking today and just wanted to get it over with. My music kept cutting out so the run/walk combo kept me occupied enough that I didn't throw my phone across the room with frustration. I did make some loud grunts and sighs when the music would stop for no reason whatsoever so I apologize to my treadmill neighbors for my salty 'tude.

I went to the doctor with my dad this afternoon too. He had a two-month check-up with his blood oncologist last week and Dr. Blair saw some "suspicious lesions" on his liver and lungs in a CT scan. I was a little bit alarmed when my dad said Dr. Blair sent him to get an MRI about it right away. They don't usually send you that day to get a test unless they want to know something immediately. Since I didn't have to work today anyway, I figured I would go with him for moral support. I'm happy to report very good news: nothing serious! The supposed lesions were just the CT scan "juice" he had to drink that hadn't made its way through his system yet because of an area in his liver with poor circulation. The MRI didn't show anything because the liquid had made its way through by that time. He still has lymph nodes but nothing that needs treatment right now. He's scheduled to go back for a maintenance appointment in two months. Phew! With my dad, you never know what you're going to hear so good news is a relief!

I'm really hoping this week goes by quickly because my friends and I are going to a cabin in the Hocking Hills on Friday! You know what they say: what happens in Hocking Hills, stays in Hocking Hills...unless I blog about it :)

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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