January 13, 2012


Last night I had breakfast for dinner. I just couldn't wait until the morning for OIAJ.

What is OIAJ you ask? Only the best use of an empty peanut butter jar in the history of the world. It stands for Oats IA Jar. Simply pour your hot oatmeal in to an empty jar of peanut butter and eat your heart out. I love it because it uses every last drop of peanut butter and it's kind of fun to eat out of a jar instead of a boring bowl. I made my oats with unsweetened almond milk and added a banana to the jar before pouring in the oatmeal. The banana softened but was still chewy and the peanut butter was obviously ah-mazing. I’ve been dying to try this for awhile now but I buy the big pb jars and it took me awhile to finish the jar I had. Needless to say, I've been eating a lot of peanut butter lately to get to the empty jar. Instead of the big guy, I may get a multiple small jars in the future so I can eat this treat more often. I wonder if any place sells almost empty peanut butter jars so I can eat my oatmeal out of them every day.

I need more!
This week seemed longer than most for some reason. Good thing my office is only open until noon today and closed on Monday for MLK Jr. Day. So far, I haven't had to work a full 5 days in 2012 yet. And I'm not complaining. I'm going to run for President and declare Mondays officially part of the weekend. 4 day work weeks for all! Vote for me! Hey, a girl can dream...

Finally, a funny video for you to enjoy as we head in to the weekend:

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