January 25, 2012

Why the treadmill

Hey you guys, guess what??!! Yesterday was National Peanut Butter Day! I confessed my addiction to the stuff on the day I should be honoring it! A legit coincidence because I had no idea about the sacred holiday until my friend Lindsey texted me and my boo Kathleen posted this article to my Facebook wall. Good lookin' out ladies. Peanut butter for all!

(By the way, take a look at that list of food holidays when you get a chance. Did you know that November 12 is National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day? Pretty specific...and discriminatory. What, anchovies aren't good enough to have a day when all the other toppings get one? Outrageous.)

I was so busy ranting in my last post about my arch nemeses (real word) Backpack and Puffy Coat that I forgot to mention the treadmill workout I did:


Lemme tell ya, this one is tough. I was in a pissy mood so that didn't help, and my music kept cutting out (AGAIN) so I'm sure that made it seem harder, but it is definitely a challenge. I ended up taking 30 second breaks after each 7.5/5 interval. Even though it's probably the most challenging treadmill interval workout I've tried so far, I did like that it is shorter than my usual workouts.

You might have noticed I've been sharing a lot of treadmill interval workouts lately. The reasons for this are as follows:


1. I have decided not to run the Capital City Half Marathon this spring. My heart is just not in it this year and I'd rather continue to enjoy running instead of resent it. This is a tough decision because the race itself is so fun and I really could use a new medal...but I'm just not mentally excited for it. I may change my mind as the race gets closer but for right now, I'm not planning on running it.

2. Since it's dark, cold and deary when I get off work, I'd rather run on a treadmill than outdoors. And I cannot think of anything more boring than running on a treadmill. It takes a lot of mental toughness for me. I need to keep my mind occupied or else I'll stop running altogether. The treadmill workouts keep me excited, interested, and motivated.

3. I want to try different things to push myself. It's easy for me to run 5 miles at a steady pace. What is not so easy is intervals, sprinting, inclines...all that fun stuff. These treadmill workouts challenge me to do things I wouldn't normally do on my own.

4. Not gonna lie, you look way cool doing intervals in my opinion. Your treadmill neighbors think you're hardcore and intimidating. Might as well get in a killer workout while looking like a complete badass.


I try to do a different workout each time so I can share it with you fine people. Each of the treadmill exercises can be tailored to your specific needs and abilities. I'd love to hear feedback from any and all treadmill workouts others are doing. I cannot get enough of them!

Now, I'm off to partake in today's National holiday: Irish Coffee Day. Unless, of course, I work with you. Then I will just be drinking regular coffee ;)



  1. This is probably worse than a chain letter but I have tagged you in my 11 things post! http://gymclassdropout.blogspot.com/2012/01/11-things.html

  2. this workout about killed me! Thanks Lainer! And since we are "marking our territory" at the gym, i had Payson take a big dump on a treadmill and in a parking spot! You are more than welcome to share them with me :)