January 17, 2012

Will power and good reads

Hey hey hey. I had to be at work for a board meeting at 7:30am this morning so I changed my usual workout time with Demi from 7am to 5pm. I feel a little weird not having worked out before work. It's become such a part of my routine, not doing it throws my day off a smidge.

We had bagels, fruit, and yogurt at our meeting. Since I'm seriously serious about getting lean for Katie's wedding (t-minus 136 days, not like anyone's counting...) I packed my usual breakfast for 9am but had a yogurt and a banana during the meeting since I was ravenous when I woke up this morning. I'm a sucker for carbs, especially bagels, especially Panera bagels, so I'm really proud of myself for not giving in! Will power babay!

"Is butter a carb?" [source]
I did really well working out this weekend, getting in a treadmill workout and bootcamp sesh Saturday morning. Even though (I sound like a broken record) my eating was horrendous Saturday night and Sunday, I feel like all the working out I did kiiiiind of made up for it. Baby steps...heh.

Annnnywayyyyy, I've been hoarding articles I want to share with the good readers of SS but have ended up posting about other stuff. So I figured today is as good as any to post them...all at the same time:

First, this article gives great suggestions about cold weather workout gear. It's very informative and describes why to wear each piece/layer. Perfect timing for those of us in the Midwest! Holla holla.

Second, an article about dis-continued foods you may remember from childhood. Looking through this list made me very nostalgic. It's also amazing the crap we would eat as kids! I loved crispy m&m's and would always buy them over the other varieties. Other obsessions included Surge, Doritos 3D, and Squeezits.

Lastly, 5 new, fun ways to wear a ponytail. There are only two on this list I would even consider, the second and the last, but I have to wait for my hair to grow out to try them. Hopefully they will still be trendy by the time I can (attempt to) rock them!

Yesss [source]

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