January 9, 2012

Salsa chicken

Hey hey blog friends. Hope everyone had a boom-tastic weekend. Mine was great! I had zero plans going in to it, which makes for an interesting weekend.

On Friday night, I did this wine tasting deal at Giant Eagle Market District. It was pretty fantastic and I ended up buying 2 bottles of wine! A goal of mine for 2012 is to become more of a wine-o and figure out which wines I like and which ones I don't care for. I haven't really put much effort in to learning about wine so far and I'd like to educate myself so this is my "year of wine." The tasting was awesome: $6 for 6 tastings as well as a food pairing with each one. The grocery store had other samples out that night too so I was pretty full and  feeling good by the time it was over.

I meant to make mouth-watering chicken taco chili this weekend but couldn't drag myself to the grocery. Let's be honest: after you drink wine at the grocery, going for actual food items sans buzz isn't as much fun. Soo I didn't get around to making it but I did put my chicken to good use and stuck it in the crock this morning covered in salsa. I used two different kinds of salsa because it's what I had on hand. The four skinless, boneless chicken breasts are cooking on low for about 8 hours. I'm a little curious as to how it will turn out because of the salsa combo I used. One is super hot so I hope I can eat the chicken without burning my mouth off.

I spent all day yesterday over at my brother's playing with Ella. I went through a little bit of Ella withdrawal last week since I was able to spend so much time with her over the holidays. It was good getting my fix. She is getting smarter and cuter by the second!

She's figuring out how to get to things which is always an adventure. The above picture is from New Year's weekend. We usually put all the non-Ella friendly things in the middle of the table so she can't reach. Well, on this particular night, I looked over at her and I see her across the table looking taller than usual, almost reaching my cup. I looked around the table and saw she's standing on her drum! Clever little minx!

Yesterday she decided to use Bear as a chair. She just swung her little leg over and plopped right down on him. She loves Bear and he is so good with her. She will literally walk on his face and he doesn't even bat an eyeball. What a trooper!

Alright, enough baby talk, back to work. Have a great Monday!

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  1. Hey, Laine - I'm playing at the Market District Wine-O night on Friday, Feb. 17th with Agent 99 (6:30-9:00)! Come to it on that night! I'd love to see you!