December 9, 2011

Healthy Hot Chocolate

Happy Friday! I have never needed happy hour more than I do today. My co-worker (and my friend) is leaving LLS today :( He's been here for about 7 years and has taught me a lot about LLS and about being a professional in general. In a small office, we help eachother out a lot and Mike is one of the hardest workers I know. I'm really going to miss him but I'm glad we're getting together after work for much needed cocktails.

In other news...I found a silver lining to coughing up your lungs:

The tastiest cough drops on the planet. I'm not sure how effective they are but they are the closest thing to candy I've had in 6 days so I'll take it.

I would normally share a recipe or two with you by today but I'm not doing much cooking on 4D. I miss cooking because I like sharing recipes with ya'll. I had two people tell me this week they made the crock-pot balsamic chicken and loved it so a. thank you for reading, b. thank you for trying the things I post, and c. thank you for telling me! I really have no clue who is reading this thing and if people actually like what I'm writing and sharing so feedback is welcomed and encouraged!

I don't consider this a recipe per se, but I do have a way of making hot chocolate healthy and tasty. The one "dessert" I am allowed on 4D is one Diet Swiss Miss hot chocolate packet a day and boy do I look forward to it! I make it with warm unsweetened almond milk and it really does taste good (for being diet.) I plan my day around when I'll have my hot chocolate and I savor every sip. Last night I added just a touch of peppermint extract and I loved the added flavor. If you're going to do this, make sure you literally only add a drop or else it may be too strong. The Diet Swiss Miss packet only has 25 calories and 0 everything else. The almond milk has about 40 calories so altogether, your hot chocolate is only 65 cals! It's no Starbucks hot chocolate but it'll defintely fulfill a hot chocolate craving!

Hasta la vista, babies!

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