December 23, 2011

Random musings

Let me start with an update on 4D: yeah, I'm over it. It's hard sticking to it while babysitting and it's expensive and I can't even look at eggs right now so I gave it a solid 12 days though! I'm relaxing through the holidays and will hopefully feel more motivated after the New Year. So that's that. Pretty anti-climactic.

If I had a comedy special, I would call it "Laine Dupler: Clueless" for two reasons. One, it's the title of one of my favorite movies. Two, my comedy special would probably be all about stupid things I do/have done, therefore rendering me clueless.

I cannot stand when people are waiting to turn left and they are in the middle of the intersection and the light turns yellow and they either rush to turn left right away before the light turns red, or they don't go at all and attempt to reverse out of the middle of the intersection. You do realize you can wait until the light turns red to turn, right? You don't have to turn the instant the light turns yellow. That's how car accidents happen and people get injured. Also, reversing in the middle of the intersection? Really? Where do you think you're going to go? Why did you pull out in to the middle of the intersection in the first place, only to back up to where you could've stayed the whole time? You think you're the only car on the road so you can just back up willy-nilly? No, you cannot come back to the place where my car is now. Get out of here.

It's really annoying how none of my shows are new until January. I don't get why they can't tape two extra shows to play during "winter break." I don't get why they even have a "winter break." Shows hardly have new episodes more than 4 weeks in a row without taking some sort of break for something or another anyway, just give the people what they want. Also, if you're going to have breaks and re-play episodes, at least re-play the good ones, not the mediocre ones.

Why is The Darkest Hour coming out on Christmas Day? Personally, the last thing I want to watch on Jesus's birthday is some movie about people turning to dust as soon as they step outside. I want to watch a feel good movie about people loving on each other, not one about them getting swept up by the wind. Whoever made this decision clearly did not consult me. So good luck with that.

I wish it was still (or again) socially acceptable to wear overalls. I mean for normal people, not just for super models walking in a runway show or celebs who can pull off anything.


This has been "random musings" by Laine Dupler. I wanted to call this "Laine Dupler is burning" like Jim Rome, but I didn't think people would get it. If you get it, I appreciate you.

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