December 21, 2011

Adventures in babysitting

I've been babysitting Ella, my nephew Thomas and Tiff's two boys all week since I'm the lucky one off work :) It's actually been really fun! All the boys get along and they like almost all the same stuff so they basically keep each other occupied for most of the day. They are really funny too; I forgot how funny kids are. Tiff's youngest Avery will say the most hilarious things without even trying. I don't think he even knows I'm listening when he says stuff and only realizes I heard him when I crack up laughing. I can't remember all the funny things he says but I always say to myself, "I gotta write that down!"

I haven't babysat for long periods of time since high school, and I don't think I've ever been around 3 elementary-aged boys at the same time. They are so rough and love every minute of it! If you ever want a lesson on just how different boys and girls are, babysit some. I'm always listening, making sure the sounds I'm hearing are laughter and not crying. I want to be the cool Aunt so I bite my tongue instead of telling them to stop their slap fights. Jamie's the cool guy because as soon as he comes home, they all jump on him at once as he rolls around on top of them and uses them as weapons against each other. I gotta compete with that! I just pray no one breaks a body part on my watch.

Evan and Avery playing the "pass out" game
With the boys playing together for most of the day, I get to spend a lot of time with Ella. I seriously cannot get enough of her. She cracks me up too; I can't take my eyes off of her (nor do I want to, let's be honest) because I don't want to miss one of her hilarious faces. That girl looooves the camera too; every time she sees my phone in my hand, she'll come over and pose for a picture. It's probably because every time she sees me holding my phone I'm more than likely taking a picture regardless, but now that's she's caught on, I'm able to get some pretty good shots. She's also fun to feed because she's eating people food now so it's interesting to watch her discover new tastes. Her most recent faves include clementine oranges and KIX cereal (in case you were wondering.)

Put me in Coach

I've been having a blast hanging out with kids all day; I could really get used to this. I'm going to be bummed when I can't see them every day :(

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