December 12, 2011

Festive weekend

I had one heck of a festive weekend! It started on Saturday afternoon making white chocolate-dipped Oreos for a party that night as well as one of my favorite treats of the season: peppermint bark!!

Peppermint bark started my obsession with chocolate and peppermint. My grandma bought our family the Williams-Sonoma bark one Christmas when I was a kid and ever since then I look for it around this time of year. Every once and awhile I'll have a craving for it in the summer and get bummed because I can't get any. Well, my girl a PBF must have been reading my mind (again) because she shared and posted a recipe for the bark! It's my turn to bring in a snack for work on Tuesday so I made the bark to share with my co-workers. I'll let you know how they like it.

Saturday night I went to Cincinnati for an ugly sweater party hosted by one of my college friends, Brittany. I became friends with B and her college roommates through our business fraternity at OU. I don't get to see my Cinci gals nearly as much as I'd like but it was nice catching up and having some fun.

I got back to Columbus early on Sunday because Tiff and I had big plans: Christmas cookie baking sesh. We made peanut blossoms, white chocolate cranberry macadamia nut cookies, (not pictured) cinnamon sugared almonds, and peanut butter surprise cookies. Wanna know what the surprise is? Snickers! Tiff also made chocolate peppermint cookies the night before so I included some of those on my take-home plate. Even though I can't technically eat the cookies because of 4D, I'm having some friends over on Thursday for book club so I can share my cookies with them.

Speaking of 4D, I made it through the weekend ok. Not great, but not horrible. I had two cheat meals this weekend instead of my allotted one cheat meal a week, and yesterday I loosely followed the plan. I don't feel too guilty because I still ate all my other meals according to plan Friday and Saturday. I usually eat whatever the hell I want on the weekends so at least I'm making progress on that front. I'm nervous/curious to see what I weigh tomorrow at That Gym to see how much damage my two cheats did. Fingers crossed it's not too horrible!
Here's hoping for a quick week: my two-week vacation starts Friday!


  1. your in a book club??? That's awesome!

  2. I was thinking the same thing!