December 13, 2011

Turkey patties

First of all, let me tell you how much I hate when people take pictures of themselves. It seriously makes me so mad, especially when they make it their Facebook picture. Taking a picture of yourself strictly for the purpose of making it your Facebook picture is such a Myspace move. You really have no other pictures of yourself that you can use as your profile picture? Really??!!!? Also, it seems a little pretentious, like you are just so good looking at that moment that everyone needs to see it. Give me a break. I say all this to preface the fact that I took a picture of myself last night. HOWEVER, it was only for the blog and it will never be my Facebook profile picture:

I hate myself. But I wanted to show you my only coffee mug, an Ohio University Credit Union mug I "borrowed" the summer I worked there. I also wanted to capture my bright red face. It's red because I had just finished making 12.5 turkey burgers for my protein for the week. My apartment still smells like meat and the sweatshirt I was wearing (OU hoodie no doubt) smells the same. I don't mind the smell but I'm not used to it because I'm not a huge meat eater (that's what she said.) 4D requires protein at almost every meal so I figured I might as well have a marathon meat cooking sesh. (I'm all about the cooking seshes lately.) Since I know you are dying to see my plate o' meat...

I made them with extra lean ground turkey and Mrs. Dash's fiesta lime seasoning. Demi recommended it, and any of the Mrs. Dash seasonings, because they do not include salt. The fiesta lime is probably my favorite. I also use the spicy seasoning which is good but not as spicy as I'd prefer. All the patties are 4oz except for one which was made with about 1.5oz of the last of the meat. Can you find it on the plate?

It's the perfect size for a little babe. I call it the Ella burger hah

The next step is to eat all of the turkey patties. Hopefully I won't be turkey pattied out by the end!

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