December 22, 2011

Hump day shenans

I'm sorry to say but this post is borderline lame. The biggest news from yesterday is that my ticket for The Black Keys show came in the mail. They are coming to Columbus on March 4 and I'm going with a few friends. Their music is right up my alley, plus they are from Akron so it's nice to support Ohioans who are talented/successful. Reppin' the O-H-I-O baby!

I also made some holiday pretzel treats, which may be my most favorite treat in all the land. They are so so delicious and so so easy. And they can be tailored to any holiday; simply change the colors of the m&m's! I've posted the recipe here.

(P.S. You can find all the recipes I've shared on my "Good Eats" recipe page.)

Lastly, I finished wrapping all my prezzies and am ready to go for Christmas. This may be the earliest I've ever been done! I miiiight still buy a gift card but that decision is going to be last minute depending on how much moola I have in the bank on Saturday (heh.) Nothing like waiting to the last dollar/minute! I always wait way too long to buy gifts and then stress myself out when I have to wrap everything on Christmas Eve. However, my problem isn't procrastination, it's decision-making and hesitation to "pull the trigger." You see, I always think of like 15 gifts for each person and I clearly cannot afford that so I have to decide on one or two for each person and that process takes until like the week/day before Christmas. Ugh, it's exhausting being me, I tell ya.

Lastest, since I'm obsessed and this is my blog and I do what I want (like make up words such as "lastest"): some more pictures of my adventures in babysitting! I can only imagine how many friends I'm going to lose on Facebook when I have my own kid(s) and post pictures of them every second. Yeah, I'm gonna be that friend.


Please excuse the frizzball clown hair...I'm growing it out...

G'day mates!

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  1. Try the pretzel treat with rolos, they are yummy too!