December 6, 2011

Food scale, firey throat, and creepy pictures

Don't you just love my blog titles?! Oh, you don't? Well, at least they catch your attention :)
Guess what I bought yesterday?
A food scale! I bought it for 4D to make sure my portions are on point but also because I feel like it's a useful tool for portion control in general. Bonus: it makes packing my lunch more fun because I get to weigh all my stuff! (It doesn't take much folks...)

Day 3 of 4D is going well mostly because I feel sickly and have zero appetite. I guess if my throat is going to be on fire, now is the time since I can't enjoy food anyway. Whoop!

Spoiler alert: if you or your children are reading this blog and believe The Elf on The Shelf is real, please stop here.

My brother and Tiff just got Tiff's boys The Elf on The Shelf. He's a creepy little guy who comes alive at night and reports back to Santa how naughty or nice the kids are being. Every day he comes back to the house and sleeps in a different location. I feel like it's almost more fun for adults because they get to figure out funny places for the Elf to creep sleep. I came across this website with funny Elf on The Shelf pictures that I've re-posted below. Enjoy.... : )

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