December 2, 2011

Free 'bucks and tickled fancies

Best. Friday. Ever: one of my employees brought me a peppermint mocha from Starbucks! And it tasted even better than when I buy it for myself because this one was FREE!

A few articles that tickled my fancy:

Has anyone heard about the paleo diet? I've never heard of it but apparently some serious runners adhere to this diet to lose weight and improve their runs. I'm not sure if it is something I could do because it means cutting out all carbs and I am a carb monster. Read it for yourself and let me know if it's something you would try.

Apparently, pickle juice is all the rage for professional athletes. When I was a kid, I remember my dad would drink the pickle juice from our empty pickle jars. I used to scrunch up my face and laugh at him but I actually don't mind pickle juice and sometimes take a few sips myself before throwing out the jar. It makes sense that athletes would drink it because it is so salty; it especially helps us (overly) salty sweaters replenish what we've lost through sweating. I'm curious to see how fast I would recover from long runs if I start drinking pickle juice instead of or in addition to my current post-run fuel of G2 and chocolate almond milk. Anyone out there ever drink pickle juice after workouts? Or just as a bevie when thirsty? I bet Snooki would be on board.


Last but certainly not least is this unrelated gem that I have to share. Some guy is posting texts from his 17 year old cousin Bennett. The blog's first post was November 12, 2011 so this is a fairly new Internet sensation. I first saw it posted on Facebook and after reading through it, I was dying laughing. This kid is HILARIOUS and doesn't even know it. I've added it to my favorites so I can check it every day along with my other daily blogs. If only I had someone this funny in my daily life. I wish the blog's owner would post pictures of Bennett. I imagine him as a modern day Kenny Fisher:

Apparently the blog's owner is a white rapper named Mac Lethal who famously posted this video of himself rapping to Chris Brown's "look at me now" while making pancakes. I don't think it's confirmed that Mac Lethal is the man behind Texts From Bennett but either way, the blog is way funnier than the rapping and if he must choose one career, I vote blogging.

Have a great weekend, pickle queens and kings!

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