March 12, 2012

Pinterest recipes

Hola party people! I did work on Pinterest yesterday and made some yummy treats to share!

The first thing I made were oat balls. I'm a fan of balls apparently (TWSS.) The original recipe calls for butterscotch chips but I only had dark chocolate chunks available. I didn't snap a picture of mine but they are def on point. So delicious!

The other recipe I made was dark chocolate avocado mousse. Julie posted the recipe that sparked my interest but I ended up using a different recipe for mine, cutting it in half since I only had one avocado. I don't have a food processor so I just mashed everything up by hand. There were a few visible avocado chunks but I didn't mind them at all. I also mixed in some slivered almonds and peanut butter multi-grain Cheerios. The pictures I took don't look very appetizing but I promise, this one's a winner!!

dark chocolate avocado mousse

mousse up-close

I had every intention of firing up the ole crockpot this morning to make cilantro-lime chicken for dinner tonight but totally forgot when I left the house. Derr. Guess that one will have to wait until tomorrow!

This weekend was a pretty good one on the exercise front! I returned to Demi's bootcamp Saturday morning and I also did yoga for the first time...ever. In college I took a few pilates classes at our rec center but yoga always intimated me. I am like the least flexible person on the planet so I always felt silly attending a class because I looked like a goon just trying to touch my toes. This weekend's yoga class was a fundraiser for LLS so I bit the bullet and attended.  And guess what? I actually really enjoyed it! I still looked like a goon (it was for charity so it's cool) but I definitely loved how stretched out I felt afterward. This morning I saw a flier for a yoga class being offered at my new gym so I may check it out one of these days. You gotta start somewhere, right?!

Any Parks and Rec fans out there?!

Have a great Monday!

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