March 26, 2012

Best run ever

um...yeah. Best run ever. Literally.

I ran like a boss tonight (my new favorite saying so get used to it.) I'm sure the perfect running weather had a lot to do with it but I seriously felt on top of the world when I was done. Also helping my mood? I figured out a way to challenge myself without paying a redonkulous race entry fee: I'm going to run a race in August with my lady friend Andrea. We ran this race last year and I PRed at 2:07. Andrea really helped me push myself last year and I'm hoping she can help me reach my goal of running a half in under 2 hours this year. I'm super psyched to have a race to look forward to!

Confused about protein powder?

I've mentioned in earlier posts how I incorporate protein powder in to my diet. When I first started buying protein powder, I had no freakin' clue how to choose a powder. I basically just chose the most affordable kind, which isn't a bad plan but it also isn't the smartest nor the most efficient. There are many types of protein powder out there that do different things for your body. Since my goal isn't to bulk up but to lean out, I figured out (through a lot of googling and trial-and-error) that whey protein is best for me. If you're perplexed by protein powder (as I was at first) here is a nice, handy dandy post comparing the different kinds.

The powder I'm using currently.

In other news, my bestie Katie (ya know, the one getting married in 10 weeks!?!!?! Ahh!!) is running Cap City and is raising money for none other than Team In Training! She updated her fundraising website and it brought a tear to my eye. If you have a few bucks to spare, I urge you to donate to Katie's fundraising efforts!! Just $5 gets her one step closer to reaching her goal!

Hasta la vista babies!

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