March 13, 2012

In a pickle

It's the best time of year! Not only is it light out when I leave work but my most favorite candy in all the world is back on shelves!!

These babies are the best EVER. I don't particularly care for Cadbury Creme Eggs but these are completely different in the best possible way. The shell is crunchy and the inside is of both worlds. If you've never tried them, I highly suggest you jump on it!

I ran outside this morning instead of doing a treadmill workout. It was just too nice out to pass up! This morning's run wasn't as record-breaking as the last outside run I did and I think that's because I did it in the morning instead of in the afternoon.

If you've been reading for awhile, you know I'm a morning workout type of gal. Now, that doesn't mean I get in my most quality workouts in the morning, it just means I prefer to get it out of the way first-thing. I've noticed when I do work out in the afternoon, I can run faster and farther than when I run in the mornings. Lifting is a different story, meaning I feel I get a more quality weights workout in during the morning. However I contribute this running thing mostly to having more fuel in my body (aka food) in the afternoon. I tend to not eat before my morning workouts, or I'll have a banana or a handful of Cheerios (similar to a baby) but I'm not really hungry in the mornings. Also, my legs are a little more warmed up in the afternoon than when I have just rolled out of bed. That's why I want to try to get in 1-3 afternoon runs instead of just running in the mornings because I want to be able to push myself, which I can't necessarily do at 7am. Why am I telling you all this? Just to see if other people feel the same way. Does anyone else feel that the time of day they prefer to work out isn't exactly when they get in the best workouts?

That being said, I'm in a pickle! I'm starting to feel like I should sign up for Cap City. I really want to see how fast I can run it. But it's so freakin' expensive!! And I don't feel like I have enough time to raise the money to be able to run it with TNT. Maybe I'll run 13.1 miles on my own and make myself a medal...that's the same, right??!

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