September 27, 2011

Self-checkout machines...yay or nay?

I read this article yesterday that said some grocery stores are starting to phase out the self-checkout option. I quickly scanned the article to make sure Kroger or Giant Eagle weren't listed as stores considering bagging the self-checkout (get it? scanning and bagging? yeah, I'm hilarious.) I, for one, am a HUGE fan of the self-checkout option and use it almost every time I'm at the grocery. Sometimes the store has a sign saying you must have 15 items or less to use it but I still use it even if my cart is full and no one has stopped me yet. Livin' on the edge! It's just so convenient and I can put things in bags the way I want them. I hate when the baggers put too many items in one bag so that it spills out all over my trunk on the drive home, or when they put refrigerated items in with chips. Exsqueeze me for sounding like a bagging snob but I've been going to the grocery for many years now and I've spent more than enough money to expect my things to be packed correctly. So sue me if I want all my canned items together. (Please don't sue me.)


The article also says that most people prefer the regular checkouts over the self-checkouts which I find surprising. I feel like people run in to the grocery to buy one or two things more and more these days, and I feel like waiting in line at the cashier would take more time than scanning the items yourself. I will go to a cashier line if all of the self-checkout lines are full and there is a line for them, because a line's a line, ya know? But if there is a self-checkout available or if there is only one person waiting, then I'm all over it. Kroger and Giant Eagle have even added more machines, going from 4 self-checkout machines to 6 or 8, so I haven't had to wait for a machine the past 5-6 times I've gone to Krogs. So suck on that!

I can see how self-checkout machines can be a pain to the store. I may be incriminating myself, but I have, on one or more occasions, forgotten about an item in my cart and didn't scan it, only to discover that I accidentally stole it when I got to my car and started unloading my cart. I've also had, for example, one bag containing a yellow pepper and a red pepper, but indicated that I'm buying two red peppers on the machine when that is clearly not the case. It's just easier than separating the items, weighing each individually, then silently praying the machine doesn't yell at me when I try to place the items in my bag. I'm not sure if it makes a difference in the price, but I'm sure it screws up inventory if they are keeping track. I can imagine that a grocery store wouldn't need to employ as many people if they have more self-checkout machines, making for less jobs and therefore more unemployment. But, for the sake of convenience to shoppers, I really hope they keep the self-checkout machines, at least at Kroger and Giant Eagle, because as a consumer, it just makes my life a tiny bit easier.

What do you prefer: cashier self-checkout?

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  1. I will use a cashier if they aren't busy, I also want them to think their job won't be disappearing soon bc of machines!