September 16, 2011


Hello and Happy Friday! I bet you're wondering what I did last night. Oh, you're not? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. I spent my time last night raising money! Shocking, I know.

I was asked to be the captain of our Chapter's Greene Team for our Light The Night Walks. The Light The Night Walks are a fundraising campaign for LLS and the Central Ohio chapter has three walks in the fall: our Zanesville walk is on September 22; our inaugural Springfield walk is on September 24; and our Columbus walk is on October 15. All LLS chapter staff across the United States and Canada are on the Greene Team and we're basically "competing" to see which chapter's staff will raise the most money. Fundraisers that LLS staff have done in other chapters is bake sales, breakfast sales, cookouts, etc. Well, since I am in charge of our chapter's Greene Team this year, I decided to up the ante and have two happy hours at a local bar, King Avenue 5. I chose this bar because it's a pretty nice place and they are super easy to work with. I just called and told them what we're looking to do, raise money for blood cancer research, told them how many people we expected which was around 40-50 at each event, and they hooked us up big time!

Last night was the second of our Greene team happy hours and it was a lot of fun! We charged people $20 at the door, LLS kept $10, and that got each person got three drink tickets and an appetizer buffet. We also had a raffle and each staff member at our office, which is a whopping 8 of us, was responsible for getting an item for the raffle. LLS kept all the money raised from the raffle, so that was our biggest money maker. I noticed at the first happy hour that the biggest selling items were gift cards so we had quite a few gift cards at this second raffle: BW3's, The Buckeye Corner, BP gas card, and a local diner. We also had some OSU t-shirts in the mix and a s'mores kit. As I'm sure you can imagine, the s'mores kit was the most popular item. And, if you couldn't tell by our raffle items, last night's happy hour was a "tailgate" theme.


Our goal for each of the happy hours was to raise at least $500 and we exceeded that goal each time. Last night we raised around $530!! Our overall Greene Team goal is $4,000 and we are at...drumroll please...$4,203.23!! We're also expecting another $1,500 so when that comes in, we'll be at $5,703!! Whoop (there it is)!

I hope everyone has a grrreat weekend! Here's hoping OSU can pull out a win against Miami (FL). Since both teams have been in a legal pickle since the summer, it should be interesting...

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