September 15, 2011


I'd like to share some books I've read over the past few months and also wanted to get some suggestions on good reads for the cold winter ahead.

If you haven't read The Help by Kathryn Stockett yet, you defintely should. And you DEFINTELY should read it before you see the movie. Already saw the movie, you say? Well, then, still read the book. It's sooo good. The movie is actually one of the better I've seen adapted from a book but it leaves out a lot of detail, as most made-from-book movies do, and it also leaves out one particular scene that I think is very important to the story.

Bossypants by Tina Fey is a great read. It's hilarious, naturally, but she also has some serious points in the book when she's talking about being a woman in a male-dominated career. You also get an inside look at her nine years at Saturday Night Live, how she came up with the idea for 30 Rock, her thoughts on her Sarah Palin impersonation, how she got that scar on her face, and how she handles working, bossing, mothering and wife-ing. I also read all of Chelsea Handler's books, which were funny, but Tina's Bossypants has a little more substance and more of a purpose, whereas Chelsea's books were all just a bunch of her life shenanigans.

I just finished Heart of The Matter by Emily Giffin. I have to admit, I didn't love this book. It was an easy read but it kind of makes me never want to get married. It is told from two perspectives: the first by Tessa, a woman who is married with two young children, who quit her job and is married to the "perfect man" but, even though everything looks perfect from the outside, there is a lot of insecurity and doubt within her marriage. The other perspective is from Valerie, a single mother who has only loved one person her whole life, her child's father, but he left her before she could tell him she was pregnant. Their lives cross paths because of Tessa's husband's job, and spoiler alert, there is infidelity. I didn't like that you never get the husband's perspective on his life and marriage, just Tessa and Valerie's, so you never know what or how he's feeling. It also talks about how Tessa's dad cheated on her mom, and some other woman's husband cheated on her, and so on...basically, not the best book for feeling like marriage is forever....

I'm currently reading A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I'm about half-way through and I really enjoy it. It's along the lines of the Twilight series and True Blood: witches, vampires, and daemons live among humans, and the main character, a powerful witch, is on the run against the creatures. As you can probably guess, the witch falls in love with a vamp. Apparently, this is the first book in a trilogy and Warner Bros. recently acquired the screen rights for a possible movie. Even though I haven't finished the book yet, I'm excited for the movie (if they ever make it.) I love to read a book and then see who they cast for the movie (ex. Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence? We'll see...)

If you have any book suggestions, send 'em my way! :)

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