September 1, 2011

Psyched for September

Happy September people! FINALLY. I think I can speak for most when I say that I am ready for the heat to end. Granted the rest of this week is going to be pretty humid and hot and not so much fall-like weather, but hopefully in the next few weeks, it will break and we can actually go outside without sweating. So, in honor of the best month ever, I thought I would post my Top Ten Reasons Why I Love the Month of September so much.

10. It's my birthday month. I put this at number 10 because it's not even the most important reason why September is the best month ever.

9. The first weekend of the month is a three-day weekend. Cha-ching!

8. There's a change of season. Which just so happens to be the best season, in my opinion.

7. The return of pumpkin-flavored everything! Beer, coffee, cookies, muffins, donuts...

6. Football starts. This is also the reason why I won't be allowed to get married in September. Seriously. My dad literally told me he wouldn't come to my wedding if it is in the fall.

5. New clothes. September gives me an excuse to go buy new jeans, sweaters, jackets, scarves, leggings, and boots!

4. It reminds me of back to school. I would always be heading back to OU in September, and it was so exciting and refreshing to be back in action!

3. You won't be judged (as much) for wearing furry boots. Boots with da fur.

2. HOODIES! duh.

1. September wouldn't make a horrible first name. Say, for my hypothetical future child. (just kidding......maybe.)

What's your favorite month and why?

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  1. Lots of great songs have been written with September in mind. I'll make a list. And I'm totally with you on 9 out of 10, but Pumpkin pie & Jack-O-Lanterns- "yes" / Soup or Beer or (God forbid) Coffee, "no" for me. Just not my cup of Constant Comment (heavily orange and clove infused tea... ) but IS also my birthday month. Woooooooo Hooooooo