September 27, 2011

annoying things to spend money on

I had to buy stamps today and I got to thinking about how annoying it is to spend money on a book of stamps. And of course every time I need just ONE stamp, I never have any. And of course, every time I'm at the store, I forget to get stamps, so I almost always have to make a special trip for the stupid things. It made want to make a list of other annoying necessary purchases, some of which are below.
Do you know what this picture is from?

1. Stamps!

2. Shampoo/conditioner

3. Contact solution

4. Nail polish remover

5. Swiffer wetjet sheets

6. Gas

7. Tissues


8. Gum. I always forget to buy this at the store and have to make a special trip for it. Usually to Target. Where I then end up spending $50. And all I wanted was a piece of gum.

9. Tissue paper (for gifts) because I always buy a pack but never use the whole thing on one gift but then can't find the left-over pieces when I need to wrap my next gift.

10. Brita pitcher filters.

There was something else that girls can relate to but I'll omit it from my list for all my male readers out there :) You're welcome.

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  1. You can mention them (if you must) just don't ask me to pick them up while I'm out...