September 16, 2011

Fat Mac

Any Always Sunny fans out there? The show's 7th season premiered last night and apparently someone has been doing the opposite of what I've been doing since the beginning of the year. Rob McElhenney who plays Mac, currently known as Fat Mac, has gained 50 pounds for the sake of comedy. He literally looks like he's wearing a fat suit. You mostly hear of celebrities losing weight (Kirstie Alley, Jennifer Hudson, Jonah Hill) but you rarely hear of celebs gaining weight on purpose. And the ones that do are mega celebrities doing it for a movie role, not a TV show. Just one of the many reasons I love this show: they just want to make people laugh.
I spend a lot of time working on losing weight, I read a lot of articles about it, and I think about it constantly. But Fat Mac is a nice change of pace. Although he has had some health issues due to the rapid weight gain and he's already lost about 20 of the 50 pounds he put on, I still think it's a pretty clever way to gain some viewers, press, and laughs. Granted, it is a MAN gaining weight; I doubt I'll see a show were a woman gains weight for the sake of a comedy television show. HOWEVER, I am a bit envious he gets paid to be fat. It makes me wonder what I would eat in order to deliberately consume 5,000 calories a day...I bet a lot of mac and cheese and pizza would be involved. And cookies!

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