June 12, 2013


First thing's first: I updated Monday's post with the picture I love so much from last year. Tear.

Anyway...in the blog world there is this thing called "What I Ate Wednesday" or WIAW for the veterans. I don't usually participate but since I'm changing my eating habits, I thought I would share my eats from Tuesday. I've also included some examples of what I would eat before since it's a pretty big change. Again, it isn't perfectly paleo but it's as close as I'm gonna get for now.

Yesterday I was up with the sun for a run (rhyme time.) I found my legs at about mile 1.5. I don't usually eat before my morning workouts because I don't have time to digest and also, I'm still half-asleep.


Breakfast was an unsweetened iced coffee with non-fat milk (milk is not paleo) from Starbucks and a Shakeology shake.

I made the shake with one scoop choco Shakeology powder, 1 cup water, ice and 2 tbsp PB2. The PB2 makes the shake taste like a peanut butter cup. No, for real. It's amazing.

Before, I would've had vanilla Chobani with strawberries and peanut butter Cheerios. I think I like the peanut butter cup shake more. I mean, how can you beat a peanut butter cup for breakfast?? Answer: you cannot.


Since my breakfast is liquids I usually feel the need to chew something so I'll have a banana about this time every day.

In case you don't know what a 'nana looks like


I don't take my lunch break until around 2-2:30pm for work and I like to save my "bigger" meal for that time but of course I'd die of starvation if I didn't eat something in between. Yesterday I had an apple with 1 tbsp sunbutter. Since peanut butter isn't technically paleo, I got this sunflower seed butter that I've seen around the blog world. It's pretty tasty; definitely can tell it's made from sunflower seeds and it's no peanut butter, but it gets the job done. Also a handful of dry roasted almonds.

B.P. (Before Paleo-ish), I would have a string cheese and pretzels. The apple and almonds fill me up way more and I feel more satisfied so the new diet wins this round.


I made this recipe I found on pinterest for lunches for the next few days. I omitted the zucchini, cabbage and mushrooms (yuck!) soo basically it's just turkey sausage, pepper and onion-use what you got! BUT it's really good! I also roasted up a sweet potato in olive oil, garlic salt, and rosemary and added half of that to this dish. Yummy.

Usually, I would pack cottage cheese with tomatoes and/or cucumbers and have something else on the side...fruit, broccoli slaw, etc. Granted, I didn't do the same workouts before, but this new lunch keeps me fueled until dinnertime.


I did Insanity and body pump after work so I didn't get home until 7:30pm. I like it quick and easy (TWSS) so I cooked up a turkey burger and topped it with 2 slices of turkey bacon (cannot get ENOUGH), lettuce, tomato and a little light mayo. Apparently you can make your own mayo that is 100% paleo but Hellmann's works for me. On the side was another tomato and some sliced mini bell peppers.

Dinners before is where I would get in to trouble because I would just snack on pretzels, hummus, veggies...basically whatever. Or I would make sweet potato fries, which I still do, but it's nice to switch it up so I don't get bored and/or fall in to the snack trap. I've learned that preparation is KEY for me.

I also had some strawberries and blueberries about a half hour later because they looked so delish when I was washing them.

Overall, a very yummy day indeed!

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